• First Basenji's

    I'm basenji-less for the next few days, and I'm already missing Cody. It was strange to come home this evening and not have him jump on me and wagging his little curly tale in greeting, to be able to eat dinner without him attempting to stick his nose in my plate or snatch something off the plate when he thinks I'm not looking, or cuddle up next to me while I'm reading. To cheer myself up, I started looking through old albums online and came across some funny pics.

    What pictures of your B's make you laugh, whether the pic itself is funny or there is a funny story behind the pic? I'd love to see pics and read stories!

    All of these are older, but never fail to crack me up:

    This one is from our first few weeks together, while we were still getting to know each other. I was sitting in the dining room writing a paper while he was busy defluffing something. He walked over, jumped up, putting his front two paws on the table and got right in my face as if to say, "What are you doing?" Luckily I had a camera handy and snapped a shot before he went back to his business. Apparently, I bored him quickly.

    This one was pre- or post-yawn. I'm sure he'd be embarassed if he knew I posted it, he's normally so dignified and stoic, but it makes me giggle.

  • That first pic is a kick! "I'm very proper and professional you know".:D

  • zaar in a tunnel at my dads house in his obstacle course. bad collar, that was quickly replaced, eff breakaway collars

    amber in a hoody , big snow storm in washington dc last year, record snow fall….she doesnt look happy about being in the hoody πŸ˜•

    amber loves being under the covers

    funny look on zaars face, this is an amazing place in west hartford , ct called elizabeth park

    and the last one is zaar in his fav spot, they love the sun that comes shining thru this window, sometimes they fight for position ontop of this couch and end up snuggling together up there

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