Nayru has a neighbor

There's an older Basenji boy in my complex. His mom's deaf but she communicated that he was 7. I'm not sure he's full due to his tail (really loose whip) and his size. He's a rangy boy. But you can tell he's got Basenji. Wrinkly face and all.

Did you share the forum info with her? We all love new folks joining.

I haven't seen her again. My honey was coming in late on Friday and said he saw a Basenji and a small white dog being walked by a man. No clue if it is the same B or not.

Saw my neighbor today. She signed that her Basenji had died. He was apparently 17! She loved meeting my little B/W foster boy, Toby, who enjoyed playing with her small white mix. I'm going to keep a note on me with B.R.A.T.'s information so she can may be get another B!

Awe! Thats so sad…at least you got to meet the pup before he crossed the rainbow bridge. She should adopt from BRAT when she's ready for a new dog 🙂

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