• If you remember, a couple of days ago I posted that my wonderchild Kipawa out of the blue played fetch with me in an enclosed tennis court. Well, rewind to that…

    ... it wasn't a miracle, folks. Turns out that FoPaws (Kevin and Therese) play fetch with their pups. And the great vet visit yesterday? Well, again due to Kevin and Therese (and their vet) who make the first visits to the vet a fun and respectful event for all of their dogs. So no wonder everyone at my vet's office was so taken with Kipawa and his behavior. Thank you Therese and Kevin!

    So for those looking to get a basenji and wondering about why and where to get their dog from, those are just a couple of reasons why buying from a reputable breeder is so important. Visit the BCOA website for the names of breeders in your area, and visit those breeders at dog shows. Talk to them. Get all the information you can about their breeding programs and ask lots of questions. You will be very happy you did.

  • Thansk for the advise and Great that you found a good breeder 🙂

  • Fetch is a great thing for your basenji to learn and I would reinforce that behavior OFTEN! I taught Zest to fetch and she loves to retrieve so she can get her treat. The fetching has been so very, very handy in agility training. And in keeping her out of trouble. She has brought me meat wrappers in our dog yard (it's very windy here and we end up with many "interesting" things in our yard) and has even brought 1/2 dead rabbits to me on 2 different occasions. yuck, i know, but who knows when bringing momma something might save her life. Reinforce that fetch!

  • Well said and advised Fran!

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