And he is peeing now!

I am surprised and quite confused: as I mentioned on a previous thread, it is being hard to convice Nilo to get off the couch, so I was trying these two last days to redirect him saying "Go to mat" and praising him after. I know that this is going to take time, but with patiente and praise I would like at least to try. But that is not the problem that I am concern about, the problem is that now he is starting to pee on the couch:eek:
I do not understand this behavior, since he has been doing really good on his potty training and until yesterday, he had not had any accidents in the apartment, and I would really like to stop this before it becomes a routine for him.

Is he marking already? He is only three months!

Can you give more details of the situations when he pees on the couch?

Could it be that he is afraid, puppies will pee to show submission.

Our 3 month old was doing amazingly well potty training, but seemed to have decided at some point that our bed, and then his crate, were ok places to go to the bathroom. I aksed about it on this forum and was told that he was too young to have picked up "marking" habits. We just continued picking him up and putting him outside or on his pee pad when it happened, and when we would let him on the bed or put him in his crate, it was ONLY after he had just gone to the bathroom, so that there was little chance of an accident.

We've only had one "accident" in his crate in the last 2 weeks now (and that was oddly with the crate door open!), fingers crossed that it stays that way!


Could it be that he is afraid, puppies will pee to show submission.

They will and do "mark" even at that age. He may be trying to claim the couch as his. One puppy that I placed immediately at 10 wks decided that the family's son's bed was and should be hers. She peed on it 4 days in a row and it took that to get the owners to realize that I was right about what she was doing. They blocked to room so she could not go in there, problem solved.

So since you said you didn't want him on there, how is he still getting on the couch?


Can you give more details of the situations when he pees on the couch?

Well, it happened in two occasions in two different days. The first time we had been playing, we had gone for a walk after, we came back home, then I went to the kitchen to have some water and when I came back to the living room I saw him getting down the couch and voila! He had wetted the couch so I took him out right away. The second time was yesterday but I just noticed that the couch was wet, but did not see the moment it exactly happened, so I can't give many details. But I find it extrange, as mentioned, since he has been doing really well on potty training, I wonder what makes him peeing there.

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