First Christmas Snow in Atlanta Since 1882

  • Snow in Atlanta is a rarity, but snow on Christmas only happens about every 120 years! Dolce is not a fan of anything wet and snow is no exception. She hid under our picnic table for about 10 minutes before getting her paws wet. After that escapade she just wanted to get warm by the fire.

  • OMG here too, about 45 mins north! Cara and Arwen said Wet AND FREAKING COLD? You gotta be kidding me.

  • That's crazy! I just spent an hour outside in sunny Colorado playing with Zest! on our agility equipment. It was a balmy 50 degrees and so bright I had to go back inside for sunglasses. I left the jacket on the table and I am a weather weenie, so you know it was nice. Zest was quite comfortable sans jacket with just her frilly Christmas collar. We both enjoyed it so much, had a great session and hated to come back in but a full hour of training is a lot for a little basenji.

    Pikes Peak doesn't even look like it has much snow on it. We really have had global warming here.

  • Wow, that's great! Dolce sure looks good in her coat.

  • We've got about half an inch here. First White Christmas I can remember here in Alabama. Abbey trotted right on out in it because we had to walk down the block to her Grandma's for Christmas/Birthday lunch and she was determined not to miss that! She is 7 years old today.

    Click for card… we won't get that much but it is lovely to have snow here.

  • So that is where the snow is…poor little Dolce. 😉

    I'm in Maine and we have had almost no snow (1-2") this winter. I think that drought will be over come Sunday - possibly 14 inches on the way here - yahoo!!!! :D:D:D Liyah and Ozzy will LOVE it - Brando & Ruby, not so much. :rolleyes:

  • Okay so my guys in the snow today:
    Sad Cara

    Arwen: Are we done yet?

  • On another forum I'm on, there are members in Jacksonville and Gainesville Florida saying it is currently snowing there…crazy!

  • It's supposed to be a dry winter here in CA and we are getting soaked. Currently in the Sierra Mountains we at 197% of normal snow fall.

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