• Can you believe it! Caesar sick! He is active and not depressed now with little Cairo to teach all of his tricks too. BUT, Caesar has been really growly in the evening which is totally out of character.

    I took him in recently for a teeth cleaning to the vet that did all of the work on Beta who passed away recently to a terminal disease. She (the vet) was extra attentive I think and did some testing with Caesar's blood and urine that were pulled for his teeth cleaning.

    She called me and said Caesar's pee was extremely diluted and out of the norm range. I could hear the concern in her voice and the feeling I had was, well, undescribable.

    He doesnt pee a lot, and actually is extremely routine. He was grouchy after the teeth cleaning until now, but i figured it was the puppy or the Flagyl he was taking after the cleaning.

    Well, I dropped a sample off yesterday and the vet said he has a few crystals in his urine and a bit of bacteria. No red blood cells, but she says it could be a bladder infection. SO, I am picking up the med for him today. Batril.

    Anyone know what crystals mean in the urine? I have heard about that in cats who eat Iams for a long time and it is related to the kidneys, but dont really know much about that stuff.

    Please keep your fingers crossed that this is just a mild infection and not something serious. If you have experienced similar symptoms in your basenji, please tell me. Any additional symptoms to watch for would be great if anyone feels this could be the beginning of a basenji disease.

  • Mantis, we had the same situation with Blondie a year ago. Antibiotics cleared it right up. We attributed it to UTI or bladder infection. Crystals in the urine mean the Ph isn't quite right, I have heard you can alter the Ph by feeding something…but I can't remember what it is. This would be for chronic crystals, not a occasional thing.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  • oh it does help. i am so sensitive about any health issues with him, just from being so swept away with beta….

  • Betsey:

    When Max was just a few years old, crystals were found in his urine. At that time, I had to switch his dog food to a food that helped prevent crystals from forming–because you don't want this to continue. I think now that most foods are better for not developing crystals--but check with your vet on what kind of food he is on and if you need to switch it. He had a couple of bladder infections over the years which antibiotics cleared right up. Caesar should be just fine with the right food and periodic checks to make sure crystals aren't forming again.

  • Oh man, Betsey! I don't have any experience with those symptoms but I can send you more ((hugs)) and of course, I'll keep good, healthy thoughts for Ceasar…Please keep us updated on his recovery. Watch out for those tiny teeth too!!

  • his personality seems to be perking up now that he has been on the batril for a week.

    thanks for all the info guys!!

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