Anyone have experiance with Automatic Pet Feeders?

I am considering getting Gizmo an Automatic Pet Feeder.


I find that giving him his meal in the morning before I leave results in him being in very need of going potty when I come home.. I feel his stomach, and it is pretty hard (pressure).

So if I could give him food a few hours after I leave, I think it would be better for him and his stomach.

These Automatic Pet Feeders, are not common here in Norway. Actually, I only found one! And it's a VERY cheep and plastic model. So I just might have to order from the USA.

But I would like to hear from people that actually have seen/used these.

Any feedback would be great, also if you know of any good deals (that ship overseas) I would also appreciate that!

I am thinking of these electronic feeders, not Gravity Feeders where food just falls down continuously!

I've never used one personally but I did find this site that talked about th pros and cons of different types.

They stated that the biggest problem most owners spoke of was the pets figuring how to get to the "next meal" if it didn't lock well enough. Does amazon ship to where you live? They carry just about everything!

Funny you mentioned amazon.

I JUST now found this one that just might fit my needs. But I think its too small.

I noticed the UK version seems smaller than the US one. I personally will use the reviews to help in my purchase choice. The more and the higher the better 🙂 You may see if ya can find one of these two? BTW one of the photos on the first link cracks me up…to see where they placed the food dish.

I've used one that simply holds a whole can of food in a steel bin, and the dog pushes the door in a little bit to eat the food. My dogs have used it well and I've only run into problem when I change foods and my picky basenji refuses to eat any more of the old food once he notices there's new food, so make sure to completely finish the old one or you'll have a pile at the bottom.

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