Johnny-Dogo Habari's Man in Black

  • This is my little goofy boy that I kept from the last litter. While his muzzle isn't my favorite, I like the way he is put together. He still has about two years to fill in, and yes, he is super-skinny and hates to eat.


  • He is beautiful black boy :).
    I like his white muzzle, looks decently to mee.
    Masai has not been big eater also but now he is getting (and looks) better :D.
    Good luck with him ;)!

  • He's beautifull!! When you say his muzzle isnt your favorite do you mean the color or shape? just curious…

  • Very handsome black boy!!

  • His muzzle looks 'snipey' to me. Too pointy. I would like something rounder. But, he still has a long way to go too.

  • Nice looking boy 🙂

  • He's a very handsome boy - I hope you soon get some weight on him.

  • I get it. You know i think it could be because of the way the markings are on his muzzle they make it look narrower than it actually is. Becaise of the composition of black and white….
    I kind of like the pointy muzzle....

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