• Hey, I am Blake. I live in central Florida, and we just got a Basenji over the weekend that was at the pound, and is supposedly around 11 months old. She is wonderful except for a few things:
    *The cats hate her. Also our grandma's little yorkies hate her.
    *She nips when she gets excited, and sometimes we just walk out from the hallway and she just goes into a nipping frenzy.
    *She tries to eat anything she can get at.

    Also, I had a question. What are signs of teething, and how old does that usually last? She keeps gnawing on toys with her back teeth.

    Also, do you have any idea what else she is mixed with?


    We have a small problem. If we were to leave her at our house, we don't know what we would do with her. If we left her inside, she might tear stuff up. If we left her outside, she might get at the cats, or the cats might get at her.

  • I can't look at your pictures from work so I can't answer your questions about her mix. ๐Ÿ™‚ The teething question though? I have a 3-4 year old rescue who still eats anything she can get her teeth on. The Universe gave us Basenjis so we could be neater. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • She is cute, but I don't think she is a Basenji, many breeds have tails over the back. She looks more like a Shepard cross with maybe Akita

    Teething in most all breeds is complete by 7 months old

  • I am pretty sure she is Basenji. She has many of the traits.

  • @Blake:

    I am pretty sure she is Basenji. She has many of the traits.

    Many dogs have the some of the same traits as a Basenjiโ€ฆ she sound more like a typical young adult puppy that did not have much training or socialization with her prior family.

    But regardless she is cute...

  • Well, maybe you are right. I don't know. I will go over some of her behavior.

    At first, she wasn't making a sound. So we were glad she wasn't a barker. She made some different noises, but she actually started making a barking sound when she got really excited over the cat in the window.

    She digs a little. When we first got her from the pound, she found a treat under a bench, and then brought it somewhere else and buried it. Very weird.

    The people there also said they saw a little Rhodesian ridgeback in her as well, which is also a breed in africa.

  • Some Basenjis dig, some don'tโ€ฆ.. I would have to say on the whole, they would climb first over digging. Of course that said, once they find a spot that digging would gain excape... well the party is over. Basenjis do not typically "bury" things in the ground, at least none of mine ever did (or do).. Many dogs have "prey" chase and will chase things like cats and squirrels.

  • I also don't really see basenji. However, you have a great deal of issues to deal with regardless of the breed.
    First, get a crate NOW. Keep the dog in the crate when you are not home until (if ever) you feel she is reliable out.
    Second, teething is done often by 5 to 6 mos, the issue isn't teething. Adults like to chew also. Get appropriate chew toys (not rawhide), keep other stuff up.
    Third, I agree, just sounds untrained (although some herding breeds nip)โ€ฆ so every time she nips, tell her firmly NO BITE and ignore.
    Fourth, start training. This site should help: http://www.clickerlessons.com/index.htm
    Finally, getting a dog that is a danger to your cats, not such a good idea. Although some here have raised basenji with cats and have wonderful peace, at nearly a year you really need some help training this dog to leave the cats alone.

  • How big is she? I read a few years ago that someone was mixing basenjis and pugs, if she is small, that is a possibility.

  • Yah, we are probably going to get a cage.

    Also, she is 19 pounds.

  • Could be a pug-senji. She is cute, at any rate. Look for some training classes, find a trainer who has worked with 'independent' breeds using positive reinforcement.
    Crate training can take awhile but is worth it, make the crate a place the dog wants to go, not a punishment. Give very special treats (bits of chicken, really yummy) in the crate with the door open, tossing bits in over and over. Maybe feed her in the crate. When she is comfortable there, start closing the door just for a second, then open it. Do that for longer and longer, waiting till she is calm to open it (not in response to her agitation). Eventually it will be her safe cave. Good luck!

  • Welcome to the forum! What is your girl's name? She is adorable, and while I'm just a fellow basenji lover, I can see where you think basenji. If you live near Tampa, there is a group of basenjis (and their humans) that meet on Sundaysโ€ฆ I haven't met them yet because of church... someday I'll play hooky and meet the rest of the basenjis! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Making the crate a non-stressful, happy place is a great idea, but the issue is that nobody knows (yet) whether she relates a crate with happiness or punishment. Even though she's only 11 months old, she may have been in a couple of different homes. Someone told me once that the primary reason people surrender young dogs is because they (humans) failed at housetraining the dog. Please keep that in mind as this young girl gets used to you and the animals.

    It's a new adjustment for both your pup and your cats... it will take time, but they will surprise you one day and become a pig pile of tails and paws... sunshine willing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    She's a cutie!

  • Oh, I forgot. Her name is Lark. She sort of came with the name, but we are keeping it.

  • Welcome to the forum.

    I think Lark is a lovely name. Whatever she is you love her so it doesn't really matter. She looks a very interesting mix.

    She obviously needs quite a bit of attention given to her training.

    Lots of dogs don't get on with cats but with Basenjis it's easier when they grow up with them - it'll probably be harder work at Lark's age.

    Work especially hard on stopping the nipping as somebody could get hurt. Try to make sure you don't get her over excited - be calm around her and she'll learn to be calm around you.

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