• First Basenji's

    Anyone feed Canidae?

    Here's a coupon for their new higher protein, single grain formula:


    "CANIDAE Single Grain Protein Plus is a super-premium dog food featuring five high quality protein sources: fresh chicken, with chicken, turkey, lamb and fish meals.

    "With 29% protein, fresh chicken as the first ingredient, and a single grain source - brown and white rice only - Single Grain Protein Plus provides simple, natural results.

    "To request your $5 OFF COUPON toward a 30 pound bag, or $2 OFF COUPON toward a 15 pound bag, please supply your information [at the link]"

    We're avoiding all processed chicken here, but we've fed Canidae lamb & rice in the past. I haven't had a chance to try their grain-free salmon recipe, which also looks pretty good.

  • Thanks! Sharing with others

  • I've just bought the Candidae as a back up in case i can't get hold of Evo - grain free, i haven't tried it on my basenji yet, but is it pretty much the same as Evo? Also, what's the go with the pumpkin? Will this help her (Chilli) gain weight??

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