sorry for the quality of the photo..but this is Cambria..our mixed Basenji..and be nice..she's sensitive about the size of her ears 😉 cheers!

What a sweetie. How tall is she? It's hard to tell from the photo.

Those are amazing ears!! Love it 😃

She looks very nice , like a fox

First Basenji's

She's darling! Welcome.

she stands approx. 15" at the withers.

She's beautiful, looks a bit like a pharoe hound with those ears bring up a good point..she reallly does with her ears..i stated in an earlier post that I would love to know exactly what she is mixed with..could it be? Perhaps you know if there is a test out there where I could find out for sure.

Actually DNA testing labs abound 🙂 For under 100 bucks you can get a good idea.

Love the ears. She's got LIFT. A beauty queen would be jealous.

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