Basenji Wanted in Washington, Arizona, or Point Between

  • We recently lost our companion of 15 years, Maxx, a tri-color Basenji, and are looking for another one to love, either a puppy or young adult.

    We're thinking female (because we've had two male Basenjis), black & white or brindle (because we've had a red & white and tri-color), but when it comes right down to it, sex and color aren't that important…getting the right fit for our family is.

    We are currently in Washington State, but will be leaving here on December 7 and heading to Arizona where we spend the winters. We're free to pick our route south, so can pick up in most any of the far western states.

    If a young adult, we're looking for a Basenji that likes to take rides in cars (because we do a lot of traveling by RV), is good with strangers and other dogs (because we meet a lot of each in RV parks and even in our small mobile home park where we live in Washington), and isn't destructive when left alone...we're retired, so are home the majority of the time, but are gone for a few hours here and there. While we believe in crate training, and would certainly crate train a puppy, it'd be nice not to have to cart a crate with us when we're traveling in our slide-in truck camper due to space constraints (but will if we have to).

    We will consider a rescue if we can find the right fit.

    Whatever Basenji we get will be going to a pet home, will be spayed or neutered, so we're not interested in one from a breeder who still wants to show the dog.

    Thanks for any leads you can give us.

  • Houston

    Linda..I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear of Maxx crossing the rainbow bridge. His Memorial blog was wonderful to read and look at.
    I hope you find a perfect little basenji to join you and your husband on your adventures soon.

    Best of Luck, Petra

  • Hi Linda,

    So sorry for the loss of Max but he sure looked like he lived a good life!

    Please consider checking out the BRAT website.

    My Husband & I lost out 16 year old red & white last Spring. Our 7 year old female was sooo very sad & depressed. I happened upon the above website and not but a month later got a call from Sharron. They had a young male and was I still interested.

    Hunter came to live with us the next day and he is now in his new forever home. There are so many loving basenjis in need of happy homes, like yours, on the website.

    Good luck, no matter what route you take. One a basenji enters your life, they never leave your heart!

  • Hi Linda,

    If you are still looking for a B…. contact me via email. We have some adults looking for forever homes... all have been Fanconi tested and they are clear, carriers or indeterminates.
    You can check the website prior to email if you want... it is khanisbasenjis dot com.
    Sorry about Maxx... he is now in a better place.. and romping with your other past dogs.

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