• Luckily hurricane Tomas just missed us here, unfortunately for Haiti , it seems they are getting the worst of it… After such a horrible year!!....... we have had so much rain, though for a couple days , you know you are a basenji person when your biggest concern with a big storm is how bored/destrcutive your basenji's going to get!!

  • Yeah, we got soaked over here and haven't been able to safely walk Paco for a few days. He's going a little bonkers - we bring him to dog-friendly restaurants every chance we can.

  • dmey - I thought of you when the hurricane news reached here in the media - glad to hear that you weren't affected.

  • Thanks a lot for being concerned! No , luckily it was just a lot of rain, and now it's actually kind of cold ,believe it or not… For us.
    Unfortunately there aren't that many "dog friendly" anythings here, it's funny because a lot of times I would be walking by a restaurant or cafeteria that has outdoor sitting area, and they won't let me sit with Ayo, but there are three or four stray dogs just lying right there and that seems to be ok!!!!

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