Ayfa Serengeti: Eradicating Rabies

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    I thought this might be of interest to forum members:


    It's a campaign sponsored by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health to set up rabies vaccination stands and control rabies in the Serengeti.

    There's a LOT more information about the project and lots of media on the site. I think basically there's one arm of corporate project sponsorship that's being mobilized through US veterinary clinics – for every Intervet/Schering-Plough vaccine administered in a clinic, they will donate a dose to the project. There's also an internet click campaign where they will donate an undisclosed amount of "resources" for every 5000 verified clicks (apparently it doesn't have to be unique visitors).

    I don't know the details about the project's distribution, management, etc., but I agree with the motivating premise that rabies should be preventable in this day and age, and that we should have the resources to do something about it. So as long as I'm checking out their interesting archive of photos and videos (as I encourage you to do, as well, esp. the tab on "Seregenti Movies"), I'll keep clicking.

  • Wow that is wonderful! I posted it on Facebook too!

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