• My Basenji "nelson" was diagnosed with diabetes today. I had noticed a gradual weight loss recently, so I took him to the Vet yesterday 10/21/10. After retunring from vet, nelson wouldn't eat and was listless, wouldn't move and seemed to be in alot of pain. Nelson didn't eat yesterday and when I found him with labored breathing at around 10pm, I brought him a bowl of water and he drank for about 5 mins., to weak to get up for a drink…I took him back first thing this morning, blood results were back from lab with sugar in urine. The Vet has no prior experience with basenjis, and I explained "fanconi's is often diagnosed as diabetes. Can someone help me understand? Could this be fanconi's? Please help, I'm worried about my only "son"...Dale

  • Was there sugar in the blood? Fanconi afflicted Basenjis do not have sugar in the Blood, only in the Urine. Please go to http://www.basenji.org/ClubDocs/fanconiprotocol2003.pdf and http://www.basenji.org/PUBLIC/BasenjiHealthPages.pdf

    Print out this information and take it to your VET…. asap

  • The difference between Diabetes and Fanconi Syndrome is that with Fanconi Syndrome the dog will have a normal blood glucose level. A Diabetic dog will have a high blood glucose level. Both will have glucose in the urine.

    What was Nelson's blood glucose level?


  • high 276? Is this acceptable levels?

  • She says sugar in blood also….think it was 276?

  • If sugar in urine and blood, then it is not Fanconi

    If it is over the normal range, it is not acceptable. Also Cushings needs to be ruled out also.

  • we had a wonderful vet in Lilburn who has had experience with basenji swho are diabetic….make sure your vet has had diabetic dogs before because you will have to go back often til their insulin level get regular.....its scary for awhile but they can live long happy lives once you get it figured out.....
    what area are u in atlanta

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