• I was browsing the lastest Basenji's on Dogster and found this sad story-If anyone's in that area, please look for this family's special little dog!!


    LOST DOG!!!! Dec. 26, 2006, my family was traveling along I-20 Westbound in Vicksburg, MS and we were in a car wreck. Luckily, my husband and I were okay. We had our 3 dogs with us in the car, and 1 of them, Daisy, ran away from the wreck scene. We have been looking for her ever since, but this has been hard for us to do since we live 400 miles away from where the wreck happened. She has been seen many times in Vicksburg by mile marker 6 through 11. She's been hanging out by the rest area, truck weigh stations, and the old cross-over roads. She's also been seen on Hwy 80. Daisy is extremely scared due to the wreck and has shown to be afraid of people, as she typically runs and hides whenever someone spots her. If you see her, please let her come to you!!!! If you have any information about her, please don't hesitate to contact me! We really want our Daisy back!

  • As posted last month:
    Would be interesting to hear of any updates have they found Daisy??

  • I don't think they've found her. They put her on the dogster page as of February 13th… 😞 Sad!

  • I've talked to the owner. They've driven from Tx back to their crash site at least 2 or 3 times. No luck yet.

    The local law enforcement has tried hard, but were not basenji savy enough to get close enough to her.

    They're hoping that she's found a new family.


  • Fingers and paws crossed for Daisy - her people must be a worried mess. How sad.

  • They had a sighting yesterday, and they believe that the dog has moved away from the interstate, and into the residential area of Vicksburg. She was seen with a pack last week, but was alone yesterday. They're hoping that since she's in the city now animal control will be more involved.

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