Been a while…
First Basenji's

Haven't shared any pics of Bowpi in a long time. She's so hard to photograph because she's so fidgety and does NOT like looking at the camera! But I do have some…

Slurp by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Heavenly skritches by ilovemytank, on Flickr

More heavenly skritches by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Bowpi's new favorite record by ilovemytank, on Flickr

I am not a footrest! by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Weird question, but do her eyes/cheekbones seem unusually "sunken"?

Wonderful pictures, and so glad to see she is still enjoying African music!

IMO, her orbital socket and cheek bones look pronounced - might that be making things look sunken? That said, I am no expert on basenji conformation. I think she is a super looking dog and I like her strong looking face. How old is she?

She is striking. Love the sheba as well.
Thanks so much for the photos.

The Shiba looks as if he's preparing to give one good SHOVE to clear the bed for himself. 🙂 Love the face on Bowpi. She's a pretty girl. No clue on the pronounced cheekbones though.

I don't think the cheek bones are especially pronounced - her white markings might be giving this impression. She looks a very contented girl.

First Basenji's

Perhaps I'm still getting used to the "sighthound" look. I haven't really had a chance to study such long faces except for a few greyhounds (who are just long all over!).

I should hope she's pretty contented. She's much loved here, and has given us zero problem from day one. She's somewhere between 4 and 6 years old. I had a chance to dig through her records recently (what little we have, anyway) and saw birthdays listed for her that were all over the place. It makes me a little sad sometimes that so little about her past seems to be known. But she doesn't dwell on it, so why should we?

Actually the multiple birthdays is a little known tactic of the BFMML. This underground group likes to publish multiple birthdays in order to get more treats. The Basenji Feed Me More League should be monitored closely as this is not their only ploy.


First Basenji's

Hahaha, funny, Arwen.

One of the old vet records said she used to weigh 26.1 pounds. She's a svelte 22.7 now, and seems just right to me. Can't really imagine her with 3-4 extra pounds!

One more…

Basenji moonrise by ilovemytank, on Flickr


Great pictures, she is stunning, I think..very modelesque..the last picture is wonderful.

First Basenji's

Another batch of pix! I got some that I'm very pleased with this month.

versus an Ibizan we often see at the dog park

Golden opportunity by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Over there by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Lounging in our unkempt, hay-field of a backyard

'Round the bend by ilovemytank, on Flickr

All wrapped up and nowhere to go by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Contemplating cloudbursts by ilovemytank, on Flickr

Looking forward by ilovemytank, on Flickr

'Round The Bend is my favorite. The last two are nice but 'Round really captures that B attitude.

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