• Many of you have been kind enough to have read my posts and I thought you might like to meet my babies. Daisy is on top of Snickers in the baby pictures. She is the one that just passed and is missed by all, but especially Snickers.

    In the picture with my girls, Daisy is on the right.

    Thank you for your openness in helping another broken-hearted Basenji lover.


  • Sorry for your loss ūüėě They are both adorable !! ūüôā

  • Lovely pictures and I can see that you have a happy family.

  • Very sorry to read of your loss of Daisy, she was a lovely girl. Snickers is lovely too, i like the pic of them with your girls.

  • Sorry, we have been a little too busy to post lately but the good news is that Snickers has a new friend We received a 10 month old red/white boy into our family. I will try to add a couple of pictures. We still miss Daisy but Java is keeping us all hopping. As you can see, even Snickers has accepted him.

  • Snickers and Java look to have become very close to each other. How wonderful that they are there for each other and for you as you heal. Your Daisy will never leave your hearts, but you will look to new joys with Java in your family.

  • Nice to see the pictures - they certainly look devoted to each other.

  • Oh I LOVE the picture of them curled together. Congrats on the new addition. He can't replace Daisy but our hearts expand to add another.

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