• Siren is a 8 month old female. My daughter brought her from Texas. I was reading about basenji bike riding and decided to share my experiences. I have been bike riding 10 times with Siren. 8 of those times I have returned home limping or bleeding. Each time I go out I think I have the issue of cutting in front of the bike solved. Each time Siren finds a way to cut in front of the bike or try to go between the wheels.

    Siren understands the basic commands: come, sit, stay, and no. Unfortunely, she only understands when you have her undivided attention (meaning nothing else is around or moving).

  • Welcome to the forum! So sorry that you and Siren are having some problems bike riding. I'm sure someone will come up with ideas for you. It's not fun when you come home looking like you have been in a scrap with rocks and shrubs.

  • There are several people in my basenji club who bike with their basenjis, they all use the attachment called the walky dog which is a pole like device that attaches under the seat which has a short lead to attach to the dogs collar, I don't think they can get in the way with this. I have friends with whippets who use the springer attachment

  • Thanks for the tip. The walky dog looks just right for my situation.

  • Another poster has used one for years, it unclips quickly so you can stop if the dog needs to potty, and it keeps them at your side, rather than in front of you!
    Good luck, Siren looks just darling!

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