Breeder in southern British Columbia or northern Washington

  • Hello there,

    This is my first post on this forum but I have been avidly reading everything Basenji related I could get my hands on. My boyfriend and I are just starting to seriously consider adding a dog to our family and I fell in love with Basenji's when I first saw one online.

    We would very much like to visit a breeder or owner in our area to determine how my boyfriend reacts (allergies) and to actually get to see some Basenji's and interact with them before we make any major decisions. If anyone has some contact information for someone in our area that wouldn't mind letting us visit, please feel free to contact me. My email is

    Thanks very much!

    ETA: My boyfriend is quite allergic to cats, so would prefer a home with no felines so we can get a clear idea of how he reacts to just Basenjis. Thanks!

  • There's several breeders here in the northwest, here in Washington the following spring to mind:

    Jumoke Basenjis
    Taji Basenjis
    FoPaw's Basenjis
    Avant Basenjis

    There's more at:

    The only ones I know of in BC are:
    Bajoran Basenjis
    Terrarust Basenjis (
    Orru Basenjis

    The Canadian national Basenji club would be able to refer you to a breeder in your area.

    Basenji puppies can be somewhat of a… handful - even my two who are well past the puppy stage can get mischievous. There's plenty of older dogs needing good homes both from breeders and rescue, so there's always that option too.

    You might find that a lot of breeders and exhibitors are at Nationals so you might not get any replies until next week as they run until September 5th.

  • You can also try Deb Verzyl of Orru Basenji's. She's in BC as well. Deb is not breeding currently as her hubby is sick and she has a full plate with racing, school (she's a teacher) and her other activities. But she may be able to direct you in the direction you may want to go. She is the curret VP of the Basenji Club of Canada. Her published e-mail is

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