• I saw a guy walking a red & white, and a tri, along Lake Washington in Seattle yesterday.

    I have a friend who lives in the Leschi neighborhood and she has told me she has seen them before. She thinks they might live in an apartment on the Lake. She was walking her Puggle one afternoon and came up on the basenjis. She told the owner she has a friend who has 2 also and I guess the guy was super rude to her. She said the dogs were both super nice, but the owner, not so much.

    Anyway, I spotted them as I was driving and I yelled out the window "there's the basenjis, I have 2 too!!!!!". I am pretty sure he thought I was absolutely crazy, couldn't understand a word I hollered and thought I had no idea what a basenji was!!!!:D Too funny!

  • Okay, that is interesting. An 'aloof' owner and 2 outgoing dogs - go figure.

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