Cooler weather at last
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  • Our first day under 106 degrees in weeks, still fairly hot, so only took the pups our for a few minutes of bunny time but they certainly enjoyed it.

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  • First Basenji's

    Dang, I was just saying in another post that I don't think my B is really toy-motivated, but that's because I've never tried a toy like THAT!

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  • Great videos! Had to laugh at Trog (?) holding on to it :D Tillo would love something like this, did you make it yourself?

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  • Great videos - too cute Trog preferring to get dragged on the ground than letting go of the bunny!

    Does that fox tail have a clip on the end that hooks to the line on the pole? If so, did you make it yourself or did you buy it like that?

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  • I buy cheap lunge whips at our feed store, generally about $14 and tie on either a fur tail, or a piece of rabbit skin. The rabbit skin is cheaper and lasts longer, you can get rabbit side pelts from Heather Minnich at furs for lures for $3 or so. Fox tails are a bit more fragile, but as long as you put the lure out of their reach when you are not using it they will last. This one is over 2 yrs old. I just tied a piece of ribbon around the end of the tail and threaded it thru the loop on the end of the whip and it works great. I have been adding the coyote masks and rabbit skins to the raffle baskets I donate to our various club events and they are very popular. Heather also sells home made dehyrated treats and lots of other items. She does not have a web site yet, but her FB page is or you can email her at for a list of her products.

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  • Excellent - thanks for the info Lisa!

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