• WOW - Hope had her first proper Gremlin episode (the other half started calling her a little mogwai as she can surely turn into a little gremlin! and so its stuck and shes our little mogwai). lol

    We are currently having "winter" at the moment (our "winter" consists of a mear 15degrees, at night and 20-25 degrees during the day LOL). However for an unusual reason we had a day of rain and then from about 5pm onwards it just PELTED down for the whole night!!

    WELL.. wasnt that an interesting afternoon/night. Of course she didnt get as much exercise as she nearly could (even though we substituted for mind games and learning things and small games indoors).

    Anything in her path was destroyable. Couch, curtains, etc none the less it was nice when she eventually dropped off to sleep for the night (and refused to go potty during the night until it was morning cos it was raining lol). Thankfully my couch and curtains are still alive 🙂

  • Ah yes, the perils of the under-exercised basenji puppy! Lucky you still have a couch.

  • Never mind the gremlins–--I want to come visit you. It's 103 here today!!!

  • @Lenora:

    Never mind the gremlins–--I want to come visit you. It's 103 here today!!!

    LOL im used to 30-40 degrees. its about 20 degrees today - im SOOO cold!! Brrr. lol id die if i ever lived anywhere that reach 5degrees and below - i cant handle the cold. Im very happy with 30-40 degree weather. 😃

    So ill send ya some cool weather in return he he🆒

  • Mmmmmm we had all of 9 degrees yesterday, and of course the fire went out o/n didnt it :mad:…. Some VERY unimpressed B's both adults and pups, I can tell you...

    Coming home from doing our tax yesterday, and we had snow falling as we were driving home, with all of us getting excited... Then went out to make dinner last night and we had snow falling at our house, (have had this before, but not for a couple of years now ;))... All 3 adult B's were very reluctant to go out for last time piddles too :rolleyes:

  • @Lenora:

    Never mind the gremlins–--I want to come visit you. It's 103 here today!!!

    I also want to visit! Hottest summer I can remember here, and we are all melting!

  • Kahirah turns into a Gremlin when ever I sit down to read, she feels it her time to destroy anything she can find and make mommy put the book down and get up to see what she is doing!

  • LOL i ducked in for a shower and found my newspaper shredded ^_^ LOL lucky the postie gave me two copies!

    – Apparantly its hot here too (for winter) and we've been finding fish that only hang out in warm waters here, down south in the colder waters where they are never seen/caught. Rather scary thought if the fish are migrating other places they never usually go.

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