Ms ZambaWheat

Sharron sent me these pics to post.


wow Sharron she is absolutely beautiful. how lucky you are to get to experience life with such a special basenji!!!!

Yes, I do think she is special. Thanks Lisa for posting these for me.
Hugs to you all.

wow Sharron! Has she ever grown! She is one very pretty young lady. I can't wait to meet her. 🙂

Oh, Fran, she is just a sweetheart…wait until you see Lisa's other b she brought back.
So different...
Its all so wonderful...these new dogs..if they help, great, if they don't they will be beloved pets...
So, the saga continues.

Wow, what a beautiful girl! She is so different, looks very alert and intelligent - her colors are unique to say the least!

Sharron - I think she is just such a little doll. I too love her colouring. Can't wait to meet her at National - wish you would be there as well.

She's so lovely! There certainly is something about her.

Wow! She sure is beautiful!!!!

First Basenji's

What a head-turner!

How beautiful MissWheat is, and its great to see her progress. The colouring is certainly unusual - are the darker patches fading? I wonder what her ultimate colour will be? I don't suppose we'll get any of the new dogs over here so I'm so grateful for these pictures.

Patty, her colors are "unique" yes its true. But she is going to be judged on all her merits…re the BCOA. So, I am ok with what the group decides...
After all, she will still be my sweet girl, no matter what...
Thanks so much for thinking she is as beautiful as I do...
She will be at the EBC show this weekend with Lisa's other girl from Africa.

Check out the dogs brought over before ours were….

I forget, Sharron, when do you get to bring Ms. Wheat home?

We are still working to get her into my 2 b's at home.
She just came into season, so we are hopeful, once that is over, I can get her home.
My 2 b's are fixed, but having a 2 girls, one who is in heat, with a fixed female, isn't the way to start things off…
I want these 2 girls be the best of friends, so am taking it slowly.
We have had the 2 b's I own get together at Lisa's home, and it went very well.
So, I am hopeful, it will be soon....


She is so she has grown. Great pictures, thanks for posting Lisa. 🙂

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