Two Tri Males in OK Shelter-Poteau, OK

There are 2 tri males in an OK shelter, not far from the AR border-Ft. Smith. There are a number of B breeders in OK not too far away from this shelter so these Bs could be from one of them.

Here are the Petfinder webpages:


Oh, my, I hope they can go to a basenji smart home….

Maxwell comes to mind in OK…. I believe they had Tris.....

Are they BCOA folks?


Are they BCOA folks?

Nope, sells puppies on PuppyFind, no testing that I know of

But there are a number of BYB's in the OK area

The cities that I knew that the breeders were located are Spiro, Stigler, and Keota OK. Lisa Akins is in Spiro. Sheila Maxwell is in Keota. I met someone at an auction that was from Stigler.

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