A gift from Mom

What is it? A puzzle that is a Basenji. And actually quite a bit harder to put back together than you might think. She found it at a local fair and just had to get it as I'm the only person she has ever heard of ( of many - she has worked for the local school system for over 30 years) that even knows about the breed. Whenever she see's anything basenji, which is rare, she feels it necesary to get it for me, much like she does for stuff with my given name, which is also a bit unusual, at least in my 'neck o' the wood'.

That's really neat!

That's realy nice, i too feel the need to buy anything to do with Basenjis.

Very neat, I would have bought it too!

Cool B puzzle - a wood one at that! Looks like a lot of work went into making it! 😃

First Basenji's

Very unique!

Very unusual - lot of work must have gone into that - I'd love one.

Nice puzzle! Great find of your mom!

That's a must have!

I just bought 2 of these for the house.

Probably but since it was a gift of $10,000 or less, it is nontaxable to you and them. Hopefully, you got a piece of paper stating that it was a gift in case later IRS wants to know where you got it.

As I have no interest in the company, I'm hoping this is not a violation of Basenji Forums policy:


Just put Basenji in the search box and there it is.

Sorry, double post.:eek:

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