• What an evening we had yesterday.
    I drove my son to swimming lessons in hazerdous conditions due to the rain only to find flash floods and roads blocked off. We drove on, changing directions untill we arrived with 15 mins of the lesson left only to find he'd forgotten his swimming things.:rolleyes:
    Later in the evening i arrived home to find that the Cats had weed all over our bed right through to the matress. Whilst we were dealing with that, Malaika took advantage and chewed a big hole in the living room rug :eek:

  • Oh Shelley what a night! You have my sympathies.

    It reminds me of a night out many years ago when we came home to discover the place in darkness (power cut) and one of the dobes had broken into the fridge(eating off two fridge locks) and emptied it - then opened a kitchen cupboard - chewed up a full 2 litre bottle of vegetable oil so it spread all over the kitchen - then ripped open about 5 bags of dried pasta that were in the same cupboard - spreading those all around the kitchen. Then, obviously, as she had consumed a lot of the oil - it had had an adverse affect on her other end - so what wasnt covered in veg oil and pasta was covered in Cr*p.

    just what you need to come home to:rolleyes:

  • Sounds like absolute chaos - for both of you!!!

    Naughty kitties though! Yuk!

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