• Seattle was cold and dark all June it seems.

    But the sky is clear blue and the temps are soaring into the 90s now.

    Shaun prefers it cooler.

    I have been giving him ice cubes to play with but they keep melting…

  • It's been in the 90's here in Ohio the last few days and my bud could care less about ice cubes…I wish he would...water and play at the same time. Mostly he just bothers me to go out to chase the bunnies in the yard and expects a full water dish when he comes in. I'd put a water bowl outside for him but the way my house and his 40' lead are situtated...he just knocks it over every time I've tried (no fence). So, he goes out back, chases the bunnies, and I fill up his water bowl for when he comes in...it works for us.:)

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