Not my dog but cool pic!

Very cool indeed!

It's real. Go to The tiger cub was confiscated becuse it was illegaly kept according to Danish law. I think that the friend of the foster home owner of the tiger has "b's" and brought them over regularly to play with the tiger cub.

Wow now that is beautiful. Don't see that often, though I don't know which of the two is wilder.

The owner of that Basenji is a trainer at the zoo. They brought the B in to help the tiger cub develop some social skills and play ability because it was being raised independent of any other animals. If I remember correctly, the cub was going to be sent to another zoo with more tigers once it had grown up. I'll 2nd that sight. Find the pictures and just settle down with a cup of tea. Some amazing action shots of Bs in action. Great photography.

I e-mailed Stine about this forum. I don't know if she has seen it, or not.
She has a great take on what makes a happy Basenji. I hope she will contribute some more ohotos also…...

Stine wrote an article about this for The Basenji mag a year (more?) ago. It was fascinating!

I'd love 2 c more pics of tiger with B's. I love wildlifife.

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