Bedtime or Playtime?

Thought i'd post some pics I took tonight of the basenji doggie! She couldnt decide if she wanted to sleep, or play… Its a hard life!

Tired baby...

Excuse her lady bits :eek: She loves a belly tickle :rolleyes:

"mmmm, ice cream…"

"my eyes! my eyes!!" (Might have gone a bit overboard on the flash…)

Practicing our show stand. Not bad considering we were waiting for her dinner to cook and she is s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g :rolleyes:

HRH reclining

Playtime comes next… Those pesky Chihuahuas were playing her up again...!!

This is not what it looks like, honest!lol

This is what it looks like… Lilah's always humping Maya.

Dont think they really know what to make of the chis…

A few more to come!

Ha ha… what a funny bunch of pictures - too cute! Your chi looks like she has devil eyes!

Great set of photos…

Cute!! I love to see them all at play.

Great pictures & cute dogs

Great Pictures!

I want to see more 😃

I love to see all the Dogs together.

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