• Was going through some pictures of Gizmo, and came across this hilarious shot (the middle one)! I had no idea I had captured this! I added the before and after shots too.


    Woops! Oh, man I can't stop laughing at their faces!

    Gizmo: Hehe, that was funny! Beagle: I am NOT amused!

  • It looks like Gizmo had a good laugh. πŸ˜ƒ

  • That's funny the way Bs try to lay on other dogs! Nice pics Giz.
    I took Buddy to the dog park on Sunday and there was a rescue Beagle there named Charley Brown that was 3 and had been living in a lab crate for 2-1/2 years used for experiments. Poor thing was really over weight I think from hypothyroid. I told the lady to get a full blood panel done. Anyway Buddy would try to play with it and he stand there wagging his tail not knowing how to play. Sometimes Buddy would crash into him and then get his whole mouth around the Beagle's muzzle. It was pretty funny! The Beagle was so tolerant of Buddy's antics. The only thing he wanted to do was try and hump Buddy which made it even funnier.

  • Dan, I think b's are all about 'heat'. Whether it be laying on a heating vent, basking in the sun, or trying to absorb the body heat from another dog, they are heat seekers. Great pictures, it gave me a good morning laugh as well!

  • The terrier looks as though he so longs to join in. Basenjis seem to get on well with Beagles. Mine use dto go regularly to a Beagle Barbecue (The Beagles weren't barbecued!)

    Great pictures.

  • Houston

    Great pictures, I love the middle one, of course, but I also like the last one, he truly looks like he is smiling..

  • @nobarkus:

    That's funny the way Bs try to lay on other dogs! Nice pics Giz.

    Well, he is not trying to lay on him. He fell. πŸ˜ƒ

  • this has made my day, thanks for the smile πŸ™‚

  • Very cute pictures - he sure does look like he's smiling in the last one. One of those fuzzy types caught Shaye's attention one day, and she tried straddling it, like she does Gemma, to prove superiority, but unfortunately she wasn't quite tall enough and kept falling right over the bigger dog. Wish I'd had my camera then.

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