• Here are some pics of our dog Callie Mae! Don't you all think her Daddy was Basenji? Let me know what you think!


  • She's such a beautiful girl!!!!!


  • Well, I think you have a Basenji mix. That's my personal opinion though, tell me does she hate rain, or to be wet? Basenjis on the whole hate to be wet until they are conditioned to it. My baby would not go out to potty when raining unless I held a umbrella over her, never matter that I got soaked, haha!!!!! I finally trained her by giving her a special treat and lots of praise and hugs when she would go out during rain by herself. Now she goes out in the snow, rain to potty, but it's Do Her Business and right back in. B's are so smart and have been documentated to be the only breed that truly understands when you are talking to them. From my own experience I believe this, so good luck and welcome to the forum. You won't find another breed that loves their masters more.

  • She's beautiful, whatever she is. I would guess it's certainly possible - does she have basenji traits (just browse the forum). I think by her dark coloring she reminded me of a cattle dogโ€ฆbut what do I know??!!
    Welcome...I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

  • Her mother is Catahoula, but she has so many Basinji traits! She doesn't like the rain, but we have trained her to go potty in it! She knows "words" like no other dog we've ever owned; she makes a lot of different sounds, she loves to burrow under her blanket, and lay "ON" you; if she gets paper, she shreads it all over, She only weighs 28 lbs, and Catahoulas weigh 60 lbs, she is very gentle and loving, and will moan at you when you cuddle her close! She loves to play, and run, and is very stubborn! She looks like a little deer when she runs! We both just love her!!!

  • Callie Mae is so sweet looking. She's got the B ears and eyes. It happened to me when searching the web trying to find out what breed of dog I had. It struck me too when I saw the Basenjis. I immediately thought "That's what you are, Duke!" You just know it. My boy is a mix, with some kind of terrier - we think. Glad you found this thread. It's very informative. Enjoy!

  • My husband, son and I all agreed, when we saw the Basenji pictures, that Callie looks just like them, with some very tiny differences, like the straight tail, and the ticking, which catahoulas have! She is very very trim, and muscular also!

  • Thankyou, we think she is beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hiya Kate! Callie Mae sure is a cutie patootie! Thanks for sharing her pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What ever she is she is cute, lol. I'd think baesnji mix

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