Sunken ship

(sorry for my English) This morning we were sailing over the Rhein (a big river) and we heard over the radio-phone a messege that a has ship sunk.
We passed them a few hours later.

The ship must have crashed at the side of the harbor and the back of the ship got a very big hole.
Water came into the ship and the captain tryed to sail the ship back into another little harbor.
At the beginning of the harbor he sunk.
Only the wheelhouse, a part of the loaded material and the front of the ship were still above water level.
(So thanks to the dept of the water he did not sunk totally)

From the news we know, all people (2) were saved
I've got some pics:

I'm very happy nobody has died…


Wow, that is too bad. I feel so bad for the captain..glad they were saved.

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