Say This Three Times

Remember when we could all sit in front of the TV and enjoy a show as a family without all the innuendo?

They just don't do it like this any more.


That was funny! I used to watch Dragnet as a kid. The sixties had some really creative TV shows. Rock and roll too.

I think TV shows were better back then because they were actually produced with the actual show in mind. So many shows today are just a vehicle to insert a commercial into. After all, the advertising pays the money to the networks. I remember staying up until midnight when I was a teenager to watch the music on The Midnight Special. Loved that.

God bless you, AJ's Human. Johnny Carson was late night. When he retired, I was done. And the ever popular 'Joe Friday', who, of the age, could not find him handsome, smart, and just a good guy overal?.

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