• Well it has started. The next two weeks should be crazy.
    My good friend and his Min-pin moved into the townhouse with Charlie, Zaire, and myself. We are all only going to be there for 2 weeks though because WE GOT A HOUSE!!!!!!! I am soo happy. There is a big fenced backyard (Although the back fence is kind of short so I need to make some coyote rollers for the top of it). It doesn't have a lawn in the back, as the place is set up to be a natural yard that only needs rainwater. Still it should provide enough room for the kids to have some good outside time off leash other than at the dog parks. We should be moving in around the 15th. I am soo excited. I will post pictures of the kids enjoying their new place once we are in. In the interum, PRAY FOR ME WITH 3 DOGS IN MY LITTLE TOWNHOME 😃

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