No Guessing Game this time…

  • We're at Willie's Place in Carl's Corner, TX a day early for the Convoy for the Cure event tomorrow morning. This is a fund raiser for breast cancer research.

    I just talked to the staff inside…we're expecting 150 trucks to participate tomorrow! Just had the truck washed, all the chrome is shining and we're ready. I'll find out in about a half hour how much $$$ my team was able to raise.

    I am here in memory of my sister-in-law, Lisa Andersen. Here's her story...

    When Lisa was 24 years old, she had a painful dime-sized lump in her breast and she just didn't feel herself. She went to her doctor and told what was going on. The response was, "Breast cancer doesn't hurt like that and you're too young anyway. It's probably a cyst." They didn't do any tests, biopsies, not even a mammogram. Just sent her home with essentially, "Take two aspirin..."
    About 6 weeks later, the lump had grown to about the size of a golf ball. That's when they finally decided to check it out. It was malignant and extremely aggressive. Her daughter, Toria, was just a toddler. She had a double radical mastectomy, went through chemotherapy and radiation, had reconstructive surgery and was told she was in remission.
    At the age of 32, the cancer returned. Toria was a young 'Tween at the time. She put up a valiant fight, but Lisa lost her battle not long after. My step-brother, Matthew, found himself a widower with a young daughter to raise in his early 30's.

    So the purpose of my presence here is to get the word out...there is no age limit on breast cancer, and some cancer actually hurts regardless of common medical wisdom. Additionally, even men can get breast cancer, as "Cat-Man" from KISS found out first-hand.

    We're looking forward to the festivities tomorrow and I will carry Lisa's memory with me as I drive in the Convoy.

    Of course, I expect AJ to be a hit. I'll get as many photos as I can.


  • You rock AJs Human. That's a very sad story. It could have been stopped early and that's why the second opion is a must. We look forward to hear how it went with pics.
    Happy Friday to ya and AJ!

  • Houston

    Very good cause, sorry for you family's personal loss, heart breaking..
    My daughters kindergarten teacher's husband struggled with breast cancer, came out of it on top, but the chemo and radiation killed his heart, he is now waiting for a heart transplant, living every day on the edge….Yes, even men can get it, although rare, at least more so than in women.
    You brought the nice, cool weather with you, enjoy Texas and yes, take lots of pictures..

  • Belinda your someone special great cause your helping. AJ your also very special. Back in June of this year my 91 yeal old grandmother lost her brest to Cancer. Your are so very correct there is no age limit. Look forward to pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • Hope you raise lots and lots of money. Very sorry to hear about Lisa.

  • My grandma died at the age of 62 from breast cancer, mom had it at age 40, and I was diagnosed and had at age 42 a double mastectomy, hysterectomy, 6 mo. of chemo, 7 weeks of radiation, and will probably take anti hormone pills the rest of my life.
    C A N C E R sucks. My husband was diagnosed 7 years ago at age 39 with a RARE appendix cancer that has no cure and is struggling with the affects almost constantly. DRIVE FOR A CURE! We appreciate your efforts and great things can happen when people work together!
    Very, Very sorry for your loss.

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