Ears and Growling

Has anyone had a basenji who xpresses their feelings with their ears? Lori our female can only make one noise, a growel, so she does that @ varying pitches and speeds while wiggling her ears. To the back means anxious, to he side is adventerous, about half way inbetween excited, etc. Anyone ever encountered this?

Yes, vocal and visual are part of a dogs communications.
My 2 b's use their ears and yawns to express how they feel..


Yes, Basenjias are usually very good at using their ears and body language, with various sounds accompanying the movements. Otis did the same thing, sometimes and other times no signs what so ever of what mood he was in until he showed it, bad or good.

Yep…ear position is a great indicator of what your dog is saying. I'm sure one of the experts here will post a link or refer you to a book that will translate most ear positions you see.

Paco always looks so adorable when he meets new people, especially kids. He wags his tail and puts his ears back as if he knows it's easier for someone to pet his head if his ears aren't sticking up in the air. 🙂

Thanks for the link I do have one to add to the list. I call it the "silly little puppy". Sears. That's where you put one ear up and one out to the side wiggle your tail, dance in place, and growel. Still trying to get some footsge for you all.

First Basenji's

Aside from personal aesthetic preference, I think this is also why I tend to like dogs with pricked ears. I like being able to read the range of expressions through their ears. It's especially cute when they fold their ears flat in their extremely-happy-greeting-face, like when I just get back home and open the door.

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