• I have just finished 2 days of gardening with a few more days to go before I can say my landscaping and flower planting is over for the year.

    This year, our front yard is being 'simplified' by putting down landscape cloth and big bark nuggets so we can stop the weeds that grow and need to be pulled so often. We are also just putting flowers in 4 big huge blue pots - that should contain things a little.

    But before I do that, I am trimming all of our trees and bushes. So far I have come away with an enormous bruise (how did THAT happen?) and multiple slivers in my arms and the soles of my feet. I guess this is why my sister goes out and does her gardening in what looks like a hazmat suit.

    One thing funny happened last evening. My special cat Barney was asking to go outside into the backyard. When I let him out, he boogied right over to a pile of old soil that I had left on the grass. He promptly made it his area by taking a small poop there, but then covered it up so diligently that he sent the dirt flying back onto our patio. I had to stop myself from laughing, because he doesn't like being made to feel embarrassed. Honest truth.:rolleyes:

    We have perfect weather again today, so I'll be back out there at it. I'll post some pictures once everything looks put together. For now, I have to put a few anti-histamine drops in my eyes as they are already scratchy.

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Take your basenjis out for some special time with you and enjoy the beauty of spring.

  • Sounds like you will have a lovely yard this summer. It is already in the 90s here during the day, we all stay inside all summer, except early morning and late afternoon.

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