Bu and Chaf

My two little naughty boys 😃

And some funny pics

Chafuko just walked to the camera to give a kiss hahaha

I love the last one with the toung sticking out


great pictures Kim..I love seeing your boys..all three of them..:)

The last two pics are very funny 😃

Those pictures, as always, are wonderful. How can you call them naughty - they look so sweet. Love that last one.

hmmm… (looking around) no naughty boys here. Love the last picture. Just like a basenji to razz the camera

Your boys are so handsome. Thanks for the pics.

For those in the states, doesn't that last one look like (Different Strokes) Arnold saying to Willis…"What you lookin' at Willis?:D

LOVE the nice masculine heads of your boys - thanks for sharing the pics!

Kim, your boys are beautiful! Love the last silly one too.

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