Coat Color Inheritance in basenji

Fula Black is the most recessive coat color in basenjis. In order to produce a Fula Black both parents must carry the gene for it. It seems to be that the barred tris are carriers for this gene.

Kennels that have a gene fula black?

Sundiata, FoPaws, Avongaras of Brushy Run all have Fula or Recessive black. There are others but I don't know if they are breeding down from them. Candu has produced 1 and HiCotn has some that are suspected to carry it. In the US, most of them come down from Ponedog's Serendipity.

It is in other countries also, but I do not know the lines that it runs in.

Ok Avongara (Narla) of Brushy Run

Specific dogs, not the lines, are:

Candu N Akuaba Hide and Seek

SunDiata's TwentyOne Gold

Avongara Black Opal of Brushy Run

Avongara Lexi of Brushy Run

Avongara Pepe of Brushy Run

Some lines have produced barred tris and are related to the above dogs but do not have any recessive blacks at this time.

FoPaws and HiCotn come to mind. Both have dogs going back to Ponedog's Serendipity

Khajah's Black Fula Challenge ???

Khajah Black Fula Challenge was a recessive black.

There is quite a difference here in the UK - the basenjis I've looked at in the links seem to have black ancestors as well. I can't recall having had a Fula Black in that case, in this country. We do have the Fula Tris who only have red/whites and tris in their ancestry. Fula,imported from the Sudan in 1959 by Veronica Tudor Williamns is thought to have carried this recessive gene. Fula Tris crop up very rarely - one breeder I know is devoted to the Fula Tris and has attempted over many years to find a sure way to breed them but it really seems to be a matter of luck. Incidentally, the Antefaas have bred 1 Fula Tri in 68 years!

To have a Dominant Black the dog MUST have a black parent. Recessive blacks are born to two non-black parents.

My breeding this fall may produce both Dominant and Recessive blacks since my dominant black girl is an Avongara Rease of Brushy Run granddaughter and the sire is a great grandson of Ponedog's Serendipity and a producer of barred tris.

There have only ever been a very few breeders of black/whites in this country as you know. Jayne Stringer having been one. When the black/whites were introduced there were many breeders, here who wouldn't accept them. So I suppose that is why we haven't had Fula Blacks (as far as I know) although some breeders also called (and do still) the Fula Tris, 'Fula Blacks'

Looking at the photos of the Fula Black, I wouldn't think that many could tell the difference from a Fula Tri except by study of the pedigree. What's your opinion please, Ivoss?

Can anyone, please, let me have any links to photos of more Fula Blacks.

I am not sure how you are using your terminology.

In the US, "Fula Tris" are what are also called "barred tris" because they have a bar of black that run across the tan of their cheeks.

You can see an example on this site,

and also on this one if you scroll down to Deano,

"Fula Blacks" are a bit more complicated because they seem to range from pipless tris to what appear to be true recessive blacks with no tan in the coat whatsoever.

Avongara Black Opal of Brushy Run is a very good example of one with no tan bleeding,

SunDiata's TwentyOne Gold is more of a pipless tri
From the front,

From the rear,

We call the Barred Tris simply that - Barred Tris. It seems we have a terminology difference. Here the Fula tri is a recessive (first occurring seemingly after the introduction of Fula to this couintry, hence the name). They are often very black at birth but later on examination have red hairs mainly round the breech and on the inside of the back legs. They have no melon pips. The only one I've bred had, in adulthood, almost a red undercoat in the summer. Others I've seen in adulthood develop a 'muddy' colour coat. The term here has been confused with Fula black which until now I've not understood. Elspeth Ford (Taysenji) introduced the term Fula Black which I assume was from the US but the early breeders and especially Veronica who I believe, invented the term Fula Tri. were very put out about it and insisted that it was incorrect. Do you use this term even where no black/white Basenjis are in the pedigree? Thank you for the links I'll open them now, I've not seen many barred tris.

Thank you, you've cleared up a misunderstanding.

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