Looking for R&W addition to our Cape Cod home

We are looking for a R&W pup to buy or rescue. We recently lost our beloved
"Cairo" after 15+ years. Our hearts are ready to love again 🙂

Have you contacted BRAT? They are always looking for homes for these dogs, and they now have a lot of rescues on hand.

Sorry to hear of your loss. I'm sure there are some RW rescues available from BRAT.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your loss, it's an awful time. Hopefuly you will find some comfort on the forum, i know i did. Good luck in your search.

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I am in touch wiith BRAT. They just placed 2 pups. When the right one comes along…it will be time. I can be patient. Maybe this weekend I can set up pics and stuf about Cairo.
Thanks again to everyone.

Debbie, sorry to hear about Cairo's passing. That is tough - to lose a good friend after so many years. I commend you for contacting BRAT - I'm sure you will find a wonderful dog there when the time comes.

We are proud to say we are adopting "Garen" a 10 week old R/W boy from Brat.
He will be arriving next week! We are sooooo excited…he is ADORABLE!!

Congrats, may you have many fun filled yrs together.

What fantastic news, can't wait to see pics of your Garen.

Great news about Garen 🙂 Congrats!

First Basenji's

Congrats! I saw Garen on BRAT's website and he is adorable!!! Good luck!!

Well done! Garen will be one lucky little man.

He is arriving from Kalamazoo next Thursday!

I am overwhelmed with joy! We are adopting "Garen" the pup frpm BRAT!
He is adorable!! He arrives next week and we can't wait to get him home!1
Thank you to everyone, especially Suzanne from MI..she is wonderful :):D:D

Congratulations - I know you will be delighted with Garen - please be sure to post sone pictures so we can see him!

BRAT has a great support system, we have a great one here. So let us know if you have any issues you need help with.
We all want this to work…

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