A new forrest to explore

Tillo running around

Lycia following

Can I get a treat?

Lyc still running

I love Tillo's eyes in this pic 🙂

What are we going to do mom?

I'm free 😃

Oh.. I have to look pretty?

We need to move to a place in the sun..

You see..? Now I can look pretty 😃

Mom…..... you're ruining the picture!!! :mad:

That's better..

Yes, you can take one extra.. :rolleyes:

I want my bum on the pic as well..

Lycia thinks it's time for playing 😉

You're going down Lyc..!

Told you so….

Happy Tillo

Lycia jumps into the camera :eek:

Tillo galloping like a little horse

More basenji wrestling

And time to go home.. Basenji recall..


Great Pics Janneke. Either you have a long lens or Lycia actually ran into the camera!

Janneke - excellent pics and storylines. I laughed about the "want the bum in the photo" pic. Both of your dogs are very photogenic, but what basenji isn't! Looks like you all had a great day.

That Tillo is an international star! And Lycia is a babe.

Great photos, your dogs have such a great "mom".

Amazing photos - must be an amazing camera to catch such great motion shots! I love how many of them are such detailed pics of the dogs, but with blurred backgrounds. 🙂

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