Does anyone feed raw and what about vaccinations?

  • Hi I used to breed Goldens way back. but now I'm looking for a raw breeder of basenjis and also someone who limits the use of vaccinations. Is there anyone out there in this limited holistic world?

  • Patty might be able to help you. I know she feeds mainly raw and also uses homeopathic vaccination. I have just started feeding partially raw but still have vet vaccinations. I'm just learning about these things too. 🙂

  • Hello, Larissa - yes, I feed raw and I use homeopathic nosodes. There is so much information now which is showing that dogs, particularly are over vaccinated.

    I also use homeopathy and herbal treatments for my animals (dogs and sheep) with much success. There is a lot of anti-homeopathicfeeling in the UK particularly in the medical profession who claim that homeopathic medicine only works because of the 'placebo affect' - but never consider that that wouldn't work with animals.

    I'm lucky in that my veterinarian is homeopathic as well as conventional.

    I've had a very recent experience with my old bitch who was at death's door with an infection in mammary tumours. Even my vet had given her days to live. I gave her Belladonna every half hour for several days and the infected area burst with the expulsion of the poison and she is now well again - scampering around when she's excited and as lively as any nearly 16 year old basenji can be.

  • Thank you for your reply, that's awesome. Do you have a website?

  • No I don't have a website - keep meaning to get one going but never seem to have the time and I'm not entirely into the digital age yet!!

    I strongly believe that because the Basenji is such a natural breed, they respond best to natural feeding and medicaments. This is borne out by my experience.

    I'm not dogmatic about these things and never push my ideas on to others but I'm also so relieved to find kindred spirits.

    I am a member of Canine Health Concern an organisation that was started by Catherine O'Driscoll when she lost her beloved Golden Retrievers to vaccine Damage.

    I can recommend her book 'The Darling Buds of May' and 'Shock to the System. Their website is wher you acn find a wealth of information. As a member you'll get a regular newsletter with very interesting articles.

  • I feed raw. All of my dogs (basenji, labs and pugs) are fed on it and i think it is the healthiest, most natural diet.

    I do vaccinate my dogs though as i have them out at shows and worry about them picking things up.

  • Maya, as you know I also show my dogs but still use homeopathic nosodes. They are in some ways more efficient than conventional as one can give an extra dose shortly before exposure to other dogs etc.

    My puppies have their initial conventional vaccination as their prospective owners are not necessarily going to use homeopathy.

    I'm always delighted to hear of people raw feeding particularly in relation to the more natural breeds but of course every one has their own opinions and experiences. I know there is a strong contingency on this forum of owners who feed raw or a combination.

    I lost a young dog because of vaccine damage and so will always be very wary of conventional vaccinations. There have also been numerous other examples of damage and the book I mentioned in the earlier post 'The Darling Buds of May' is well worth reading.

  • I've been feeding 50% raw daily (raw in the evening only) and it made a remarkable improvement with Kananga. He used to have issues with loose stools, but honestly as soon as I started him on the raw, it improved significantly and now there are no problems.

    Soon enough I may make the transition to do 100% raw.

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