• After a year of jumping through hoops to try and get our little lady to yodel, she is very stingy with them. We were so excited when our little boy Chief yodeled yesterday and 2 times today!!!!

    He and Zoey are getting along very well she almost seems to mother him at times. The cat is another story. Twice now when Chief tryed to get close to him our cat swiped at him with his paws. You would think our cat had claws the way the pup screamed and cowered. Zoey went rushing over to make sure he was ok, after all only she can snap at him I guess.

  • Congrats on your first yodels! Hope you hear many more.

  • Houston

    So fun..I tried everything to get Otis to yodel ( he is 15 months now) and every now and then he let's one out, more as a surprise to himself and us..unless he is crated, then he yodels full out and our other 3 dogs (non basenjis) joins him and it is a this huge orchestra going on…to funny.

  • I love his name, lets hope Chief keeps up his yodels.Our last Basenji's kennel name was Chief Yogel.
    I bet it's lovely to see him and Zoey together. Like you we have Cats. The other evening Malaika was racing around the room whilst our large Tabby, Jerry lay over hanging the settee. He hates when she rushes around and began to stalk her whilst still up on the settee, he crouched down at either side, where ever he thought she'd appear next, also doing lots of spitting. She suddenly saw him and screamed, she obviously read the murderous intent in his eyes.

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