Otis is having a field…day..

  • @nkjvcjs:

    These pics are so adorable.

    I remember we used to prescribe Dramamine for dogs when I was vet-teching, but I cannot remember the dose.
    Benadryl can also have anti-emetic properties, and the dose for that is 1mg/lb.

    Give your vet a call, they should be willing to give you the dosing info for dramamine.


    My vet recommended that same dosage of Benadryl. It seems to work, but it makes him groggy, so it's probably best for long drives.

    I'll have to chat with my vet about Dramamine. Fortunately for me Kananga only gets sick sometimes. I tend to avoid feeding him anything a few hours before a car ride. We all know the signs (licking their lips, general upset look, etc).

  • Houston

    Moses starts foaming and dripping early on in the trip..like right around the corner from our house..but I am calling my vet to ask him about the dosage..greta idea guys thanks.
    Yes, one of the greatest thinks about these hound breeds..is watching them run, so I would love for Moses to come along and have fun too.

  • Maybe taking him on short trips with some walks and dry treats between the drives might help him?
    Don't know, just an idea.

  • Your pictures of Otis are so great - plain to see he was having a wonderful time! As to Moses sickness, my vet in the past has given me a prescription for vomiting when Gemma was running both ends a while back, and it worked very well. Your vet should be able to help you with that.

  • Houston

    Just wanted to add that I gave Moses a guarter of a pill for children for motion sickness, waited for about an hour and then took him with us to the wildeness park that is about 40 minutes from the house..
    He did great, no foaming no throwing up no nothing.

    Thanks guys for your advice..Moses will ow come along when we go to run the fields.

  • Wonderful! Great news..

  • Thats good news Petra.

  • Now we'll have to have some photos of Moses running amok too. 😃

  • Houston

    I didn't bring the camera, somewhat thinking it wouldn't work, but I gladly was wrong…
    Will bring one next time. He had a ball though, running in the woods..so many smells..

  • Many years ago our vet advised us to use Dramamine. I think we gave it 1 hour prior to travel. It worked very well.

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