• Houston

    I was toying around with my phone today and realized I had a few video clips of Otis on it..so I thought I'd share them..

    The first one is of him playing with a "nano bug"..he loved it although was very freaked out by it, so funny.
    A "nano bug" is a little electronic roach that moves around in a hurry like a true roach would, I think the reason he freaked out is because it would vibrate real funny in his mouth when he picked it up.

    I will see if I can get the other ones on here too..

  • Looked like Otis was having fun with it!

  • I love Otis's expressions while he is thinking what the heck that thing is!

  • Great video, i love the way he's using his paws 🙂

  • Aww.. Sweet Otis.. How is he doing in his new home? You must really miss him 😞

  • Houston

    He is doing really well, she is spoiling him, if possible, even more then I did.
    He is crated while she is at work, but she comes home and has lunch with him, she lives close to her job, so that works out really good. He has gotten adjusted really well.

    She dogs sits her nieces dog, a c–ker spaniel on several occasions and Otis and this dog loves eachother, she says Otis has a ball running that little dog in the ground..
    ..but yes it is very hard, I still miss him terribly..my kids, the youngest one, keeps wondering when he is oming home again, and if he isn't can't we go visit him? I would love to visit as it sin't far from here, but I know that would not work out for Otis or for us..it would be too stressful for him if we "leave" him again and too emotional for us to see him, yet not bring him with us.
    I know he has it good, and I know Nina (his new mother) loves him and will do anything for him..that helps me a lot.

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