• In about a month my son and his wife will be moving in until they move to Virgina this summer. When they come they will be bringing an adult cat with them. Now my poor old cat who is around 17 yrs and has had the house and humans to himself for something like 13 yrs has to put up with a third animal invading his space. A year ago it was my B zoey. In October it was my sons dog Lizzy. Really he has been great about it. At meal times all three will be there at my feet waiting for me to dish it out. Cat gets fed first and he makes sure they know it lol
    Any suggestions on how to make this transition easier. This cat has been at her moms and is used to other cats but not dogs. I was thinking they should bring the cat for a few visits before they move in to see how things go so we can plan.

  • Visits are a great idea. In the past year I have been staying at my familys farm wich has plenty of room but I added another dog and my Mother got another dog for a total of 4. Not bad since two are tiny ones, lol. But it took a bit to learn to b a good pack. I am not sure how cats mix with the dogs but I'm sure visits won't hurt any. Good Luck 🙂

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