Maddie is our 1 yr old pup. We were not sure what she was, but recently were told she looks like a lab/basenji mix. We have never seen a dog that looks like her, until we searched this mix and "ta-da!" there she was, Maddie's doppleganger. She is a fun, playful dog, enjoys other dogs, working and learning new things, and going for runs. Her favorite thing currently is to play with two toys at once, usually a stuffed toy and a ball. She is slightly spoiled and Mummy and Daddy love her very much, planning their day, vacations and time around her. I will figure out how to upload a picture and get one on as soon as possible.

Welcome. Glad you found Maddie and are giving her the home she needs.


Welcome Maddie and Taryn..
Glad you found us…

Welcome to the forum, Maddie is a pretty girl.

Good to have you here, Taryn and Maddie. What a shiny, healthy looking coat!

Welcome your very pretty girl.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum!

Her eard remind me of a Australian Kelpie (and a bit like a shepard) She is pretty!

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