• Maddie is our 1 yr old pup. We were not sure what she was, but recently were told she looks like a lab/basenji mix. We have never seen a dog that looks like her, until we searched this mix and "ta-da!" there she was, Maddie's doppleganger. She is a fun, playful dog, enjoys other dogs, working and learning new things, and going for runs. Her favorite thing currently is to play with two toys at once, usually a stuffed toy and a ball. She is slightly spoiled and Mummy and Daddy love her very much, planning their day, vacations and time around her. I will figure out how to upload a picture and get one on as soon as possible.

  • Welcome. Glad you found Maddie and are giving her the home she needs.

  • Houston

    Welcome Maddie and Taryn..
    Glad you found us…

  • Welcome to the forum, Maddie is a pretty girl.

  • Good to have you here, Taryn and Maddie. What a shiny, healthy looking coat!

  • Welcome your very pretty girl.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome to the forum!

    Her eard remind me of a Australian Kelpie (and a bit like a shepard) She is pretty!

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