• Hey guys,

    I was on these forums and received some great help & advice in late 2008 when I was looking into a basenji but things fell through and it didn't happen. I'm happy to say I've recently adopted a baby girl (8weeks old) but I'm having issues potty training her and was looking for some firsthand advice.

    I've done quite a bit of reading, and have been crate training her as well. It's been less than a week and she is doing extremely well in the crate at night - she has stopped crying after the first night or two and only whimpers when she needs to pee, in which case I let her out and we go to her puppy pad… she does her business and then we go back to sleep for a few more hours and do it again. The issue is with #2 though, she won't do it for me at least not where I want.

    For the first few days I was feeding her in the hallway (tiny 1 BR condo) and had a puppy pad in the kitchen as well as a spot she'd picked in the living room. Then I read that I should feed her inside her crate so that she associates the food with the crate and will a) see the crate as a more positive experience, b) not eliminate in the crate as she sleeps there.

    I picked up a baby gate yesterday but none of them were large enough to block the hallway so I've got it setup in the kitchen, and left the one pad there.

    I've been following the same feeding schedule since day one (approx 730am, 1230 and 6pmn) but today I started feeding her inside her crate and then left her in there for 15-20mins to digest and just get a little more comfortable with the crate (she loved it as long as she knows I am nearby for the first couple days, now she is fine in there regardless unless she needs to pee). Then I take her to the kitchen and the puppy pad. I call her to the pad and she sniffs it and I walk away, and if she pee's I give her praise and whatnot and shes gotten much better at this but she will never #2. I usually leave her in there for 5-10mins and if she doesn't do anything I bring her back to the crate and try again in 30mins or so. This went on for essentially all of today, and she ended up sleeping in the crate most of the day with me nearby. I just put her in the kitchen one last time before bed with no luck, so I figured we'd go to bed. I had her in the crate in the bedroom - went to the bathroom and when I came back she had eliminated a bit so I cleaned it up, used stain remover and scrubbed out the crate and put her in the kitchen in the meantime. Afterwards I put her back in the crate and was cleaning up the kitchen and when I went to the bedroom she had eliminated all over the crate and made a huge mess that I've just finished cleaning up again at 1am 😕

    I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong and how I can get her to #2 in the kitchen or anywhere for that matter. For the first few days I just kept an eye on her but she would always just go before I could stop it and it didn't feel very productive to follow her around and then just constantly pick up after her without her learning anything.

    Any advice about how I can ensure she doesn't eliminate in the crate and what to do about when she whines from the kitchen would be really appreciated. Up until today she hadn't even pee'd in the crate but now we've had two episodes in the past hour so I don't want this trend to continue.

  • I train my puppies from very young. They have always had a 'potty box' in their area. They get blocked off in the kitchen with an x-pen and have a potty box and bed in there. The potty box is basically a cardboard box with a hole cut in the front for easy access. In the box I put a puppy pad in the bottom and shred newspaper in the bottom. When they start going in praise, praise, praise. It will take a bit, but she will get it in a bit of time. Make sure you put her in the 'area' you want to go in after she eats, when she wakes up and throughout the day. 8 weeks is pretty young to expect her to move to a new home and potty train. So relax, you are doing nothing wrong except IMO giving her too much room to move around. Good luck.

  • Congratulations on your new Puppy, how about some pics:D

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