• So my husband and I have recently discovered backpacking. Last spring we took Leo (with his own backpack) on a 4 mile hike. He loves it! We would love it though if he could camp with us too. Has anyone ever tried keeping their basenji in their tent? Our tent is kinda pricey and we are afraid he will have a hyper snap, get too nervous,and/or mark his territory…I've been reading on here that a tired basenji is a good one, and a 4-5 mile hike does make for a tired Leo! Any backpackers out there want to give some advice?

  • I have seen several postings over the years of folks that camp with their basenjis. Years ago we were planning on camping with ours, though not backpacking, so I set up tents in the back yard and we slept out with them. I think because they weren't tired and it was their yard, they were up and wanted in or out of the tent every time they heard any noise. If Leo sleeps with you now, he will surely sleep with you in a tent. And if he doesn't , then sleeping with you will be a big treat for him.

    You might try it in a place not too remote, so if he freaked you could walk back to your car and sleep in it till morning! I'm sure there are others who will have good advice for you. Enjoy!

  • Oh, Welcome to the Forum!

  • I've gone camping with Blaze a few times. He was fine, except if you think they can take up over half a queen size bed, think how much of the sleeping bag they can take up! He was fine in the tent, because we really only slept in there.
    A collection of tips:
    Don't use cots. He actually tossed me off of a single sized cot during the night.
    Bring an extra sleeping bag to cover the air mattress. Even if his claws are short and dull, he dug a hole in the mattress the first night of a week long trip…
    If he sleeps with you at home, you can attempt to bring his own bed (complete with sleeping bag), but he will still probably take over yours...
    Bring lots of leashes or rope, and don't let him loose! He will get attacked by geese, run back to the tent, and you both hide in the tent while the geese destroy it... that was the third night on that week long trip...
    Don't let any human males pee anywhere but in the outhouse, he will rub in it and still expect to sleep in the sleeping bag with you...
    Keep your food up, he learned how to open the cooler on the second night...
    Bring a blanket that you can put by the fire. He pretty much kept to it, so he never got too close to the fire.
    Other than that, the basics, his own food and water, a few toys and lots of treats. Oh and poop bags.
    Hope that helps!

  • Knipper; that was an awesome list of tips! I actually camp a lot and plan to bring Paco with us on our next trip to get him used to camping as young as possible. I appreciate having this information to help with planning!

  • I have done lots of camping. I've only gone camping with Tupper once, and will be going again for a week in June. He did ok, it was difficult to tire him out, lots of rain, not much hiking. We had him tied up to a 30 ft. cable. Next time we'll be using a 100 ft. run that can be attached between two trees, this way the leash / cable / rope doesn't get in the way or tangled around things. We took him out on the kayak a few times to little islands for him to run around on. He wasn't a big fan of the ride over, but loved running around free for an hour or two. Sleeping in the tent wasn't bad once he settled down after 10 - 15 minutes. Please be careful with the fire and your dog getting to close, they love it, but it is very dangerous. Snaping wood and flying embers can land on them. Also make sure the the bedding or blanket you are using isn't synthetic. The stuff melts, wool or cotton are better choices. Good luck!

  • Too many miles and trips with our last Basenji to list them all. The longest was 128 in 28 days. So far all great tips. One that I might add is if you are going
    to tie them out a little bit of bunjee cord on the tie out just in case they decide to try to chase something when not looking. Save them a sore neck.

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